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ASL & CART Services

When we support Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing employees, and other individuals with disabilities, through ASL interpreting and CART services, we are strengthening the community through improving communication pathways and amplifying the knowledge, work, and expertise of all of our colleagues.

Request Training/Report Barriers

ECRT provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and coordinates external Communication Access Real-time Transcription (CART) services to identified Ann Arbor campus Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing employees in addition to event participants. This initiative is part of a two-year pilot program supported by the Office of the Provost to provide financial support and full time staff to increase access and model inclusive event practices across the wider community.

Identified Users & Inclusive Events

ASL interpreters and/or CART are available for identified users defined as Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Disabled individuals in the following categories:

  • Employees, this includes faculty and staff
  • Applicants and interview candidates for employment
  • Visitors, guests, and event attendees¬†
  • Research participants for studies

ASL interpretation and CART can also be utilized at inclusive events which are events where ASL and/or CART services are requested without a known identified user. Some examples of these type of campus events include:

  • Athletic events
  • Consultations and meetings
  • Graduations, commencements, honors ceremonies, etc.
  • Interviews for campus employees
  • Live and recorded talks by university officials
  • Seminars, lectures, town halls, public performances, assemblies, and theatrical events
  • Trainings, workshop, and conferences

Requesting Services

Due to the high volume of requests for ASL and CART, you may submit your request up to six months in advance from the day of the event. To ensure coverage, please submit your request as soon as possible. Requests should be submitted using the ADA Initial Contact Form. If you are a returning user and a U-M employee utilize our Accommodate login.

ECRT does not provide ASL and CART services to:

  • Patients of Michigan Medicine
  • Michigan Medicine units/departments/employees/events
  • Students or prospective students
  • Student organizations
  • Unaffiliated groups

Service Provision and Cost Allocation

ASL Services

There is no charge to the unit if requests are serviced by ECRT staff interpreters for any event.

If ECRT staff interpreters are not available for the date/time of the requested services, and an external service provider is needed to fulfill the request, then the unit is responsible for the payment of the external service provider.

  • ECRT will still provide service coordination when ECRT staff interpreters are unavailable to fulfill requests for identified users.

In cases of unforeseen cancellations by ECRT ASL interpreters(s) resulting in the need to locate an external provider(s) for a previously confirmed ASL assignment, ECRT will work to identify an available external vendor to provide ASL services. If services are identified, ECRT will cover the cost of the external vendor.

CART Services

ECRT provides financial support for CART requests. The Disability Equity Office will administer the payment of invoices using the CART fund to provide financial support for approved CART requests by paying invoices from CART providers directly.

The Disability Equity Office cannot reimburse a unit or group for services that were not approved and organized by the Disability Equity Office.


If you have questions or would like a consultation before starting the request process please contact us via the ADA Initial Contact Form and select “General Question or Consultation” from the Reason for Contact dropdown.