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Presentations & Trainings

Join us for our weekly ADA Team Lunch and Learn workshop series.

Introduction to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities

Learn about resources for accommodations, current supports and resources for individuals with disabilities, as well as general background information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and its protections. Download the Understanding ADA PowerPoint, select read only.

Everything You Need to Know About Service Animals

Join the university’s ADA coordinator to learn about service animals, service animals in training, emotional support animals, and the differences between them. Topics will include service animals in the classroom, workplace, and public spaces. Participants will learn what questions can be asked of a handler and how to respond to inquiries about service animals. Download the Service Animal PowerPoint, select read only.


The Interactive

We’ll focus on the steps of the interactive process under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Participants will learn how the accessibility specialists facilitate a positive dialogue with employees and units to navigate reasonable accommodation requests and implementation in the workplace. Download the Interactive Process PowerPoint, select read only.

Interview & Hiring Process

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the varying stages in which an employee can request accommodations, including during the hiring and interview processes. We’ll target the differences in the interactive process if reasonable accommodations are sought before employment, as well as language etiquette, examples of early stage accommodations, and frequently asked questions by applicants and employers. Download the Interview & Hiring Process PowerPoint, select read only.

Supervisor’s/HR Partner’s Guide to Reasonable Accommodations

In this workshop, supervisors and HR partners will learn how to recognize requests for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), strategies for creating inclusive environments, best practices to document the interactive process, and how to approach questions and concerns. Download the Guide to Reasonable Accommodations, select read only.

Digital Accessibility


This workshop will focus on developing and delivering accessible presentations. It will cover accessible design in common presentation platforms and discuss the pros and cons of those platforms for accessibility workflow. Learn how to build or remediate presentations with accessibility in mind, and what considerations to have in sharing and delivering accessible presentations. Download the Accessible Presentations PowerPoint, select read only.

An Introduction to Creating Accessible Digital Documents

Our digital information accessibility coordinator provides an introduction to the tools and techniques for creating accessible digital materials including documents and presentations. Download the Accessible Digital Documents PowerPoint, select read only.

Disability-Inclusive Environments

D/deaf Engagement with ASL Interpreters

Learn about our ASL Interpreters, how they engage with the Deaf community and ways that all members of the university can create a more inclusive work and classroom environment. Download the D/deaf Engagement PowerPoint, select read only.

Creating and Maintaining Inclusive Environments

Discover best practices for creating inclusive environments for employees in the office and students in the classroom. Download the Inclusive Environments PowerPoint, select read only.