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Presentations & Trainings

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

Learn about resources for accommodations, current supports and resources for individuals with disabilities, as well as general background information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and its protections. Download the Understanding ADA PowerPoint.

Creating and Maintaining Inclusive Environments

Discover best practices for creating inclusive environments for employees in the office and students in the classroom. Download the Inclusive Environments PowerPoint.

A Supervisor’s Guide to Disability Accommodations

A framework for supervisors and any employees who want to learn more about the interactive process under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for assessing requests and implementing reasonable accommodations. Download a Supervisor’s Guide PowerPoint.

Four Steps to Reasonable Workplace Accommodations

An overview of the steps to work through the reasonable accommodation process for individuals who may be interested in requesting accommodations as well as unit HR representatives and supervisors who facilitate the interactive process. Download the Four Steps PowerPoint.

An Introduction to Creating Accessible Digital Documents

Our digital information accessibility coordinator provides an introduction to the tools and techniques for creating accessible digital materials including documents and presentations. Download the Accessible Digital Documents PowerPoint.

D/deaf Engagement with ASL Interpreters

Learn about our ASL Interpreters, how they engage with the Deaf community and ways that all members of the university can create a more inclusive work and classroom environment. Download the D/deaf Engagement PowerPoint.