Kacey Lundgren

American Sign Language Interpreter

Kacey serves as a Certified American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter for ECRT. She has earned her National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and Ed:K-12 certifications from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), a Certificate in Healthcare Interpreting (CHI) from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and medical/mental health and educational (elementary and secondary) endorsements from the state of Michigan. She earned her BS in Special Education and Rehabilitation with an emphasis in Educational Interpreting from the University of Arizona, and her MA in Interpreting from Gallaudet University.

Prior to joining the ECRT team, Kacey worked as an ASL interpreter in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. As seen in her work history, Kacey loves to travel. She completed two study abroad programs: one in Mexico where she studied Mexican Sign Language (LSM) and volunteered at a school for the Deaf in Mexico, and a second program in Italy where she studied spoken Italian, Italian Sign Language (LIS), and Italian Deaf Culture. On Kacey’s bucket list is to visit every site in the National Park system. One hundred forty-two down, two hundred eighty-seven to go!