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Additional Training Resources

Disability & Accessibility

All of our programs are customizable to your specific needs and circumstances. Contact us to learn more or schedule a training session.

Past presentations topics have included:

  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Mental Health Disabilities
  • Student Field Placements and the ADA
  • Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation
  • Disability Awareness, Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Service Animals
  • Accessible and Inclusive Hiring and Recruitment
  • Non-Apparent Disabilities

Civil Rights Discrimination

Campus Commitment Training

This training program defines all forms of impermissible discrimination prohibited by the university’s Non-Discrimination Policy Notice, and our institutional and individual responsibilities under university policy, and state and federal law.

The objective of Campus Commitment is to help individuals identify, report, respond to and avoid/prevent discriminatory conduct.

The content of Campus Commitment is customizable for all members of the university community, regardless of role, department or work responsibilities. Campus Commitment training sessions are interactive, practical and responsive.

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All of our programs are customizable to your specific needs and circumstances. Contact us to learn more or schedule a training session.

Recruiting and Hiring for Diversity and Excellence

Avoiding Discrimination in Job Postings.
Techniques to use during the recruiting process to assist or help units to build diverse candidate pools, ensure candidates experience a welcoming and inclusive environment and hire exceptional faculty and staff.

For additional information go to “Recruiting for Staff Diversity,” on the university’s Human Resources website which contains other helpful information and resources.