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Reporting Form

ECRT is a reporting resolution resource and as such, is private but not confidential. If you are not sure you’re ready to report, there are several campus resources for Sexual & Gender-based Misconduct, Disability & Accessibility and Civil Rights that can provide confidential consultation and support to help you explore all your options first.

If you are ready to report discrimination and/or harassment, please fill out the form below.

Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

Reporter's Affiliation
If you wish to remain anonymous, use "anonymous" as the name and a non-university-affiliated email address that does not have your name or other identifying information in it. Please understand that with an anonymous submission, ECRT’s ability to follow up may be limited.
Report Type
Check all that apply
To report caste-based discrimination you may select "national origin", "religion", "race", or "other".
Please provide the date and time or dates of the incident. If unsure, please describe the time period or general description.
Where did the incident occur?
Please enter the name(s) of individuals and/or departments, student groups, etc., involved in the situation. Please include uniqname(s) and/or UM ID, if available.
Please provide a brief description of the issue of concern.
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Additional Documentation

If you have additional documentation such as screenshots, images, emails, documents, etc. please hold on to them. ECRT will work with you to gather them.

ECRT Reporting

ECRT reporting is private but not confidential. Information is shared with University officials only when necessary on a need-to-know basis.