Andrea Sell (she/her)

Deputy Coordinator for Civil Rights and Title IX Outcomes

Andrea serves as the deputy coordinator for civil rights and Title IX outcomes for sexual and gender-based misconduct in partnership with the ECRT Office and the Office of Student Conflict and Resolution (OSCR). Andrea’s commitment is to the development and application of equitable policy and procedure, which affords that each student has a chance to be seen and heard as they navigate the intersections of their life experiences, communities and identities, both privileged and oppressed. She is dedicated to a student’s pursuit of self and communal truth, peace and empathy.

Andrea received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Public Relations from Western Michigan University and her Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University. Andrea is a Michigander who lives to explore her towns, cities, farms, parks and lakes with her partner who is new to the majesty of Michigan and the Midwest. Andrea is a loud and proud cat mom and lover of her gray tabby Ashe and Siamese Willow.