Elizabeth Seney (she/her)

Title IX Coordinator
Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Director

Elizabeth Seney

Elizabeth serves as the sexual and gender-based misconduct director and the Title IX coordinator. In this role, her work is focused on all forms of sexual and gender-based misconduct, and she is responsible for ensuring the university’s Title IX compliance with Title IX on the Ann Arbor campus and Michigan Medicine. Elizabeth approaches this work with a commitment to not simply meeting legal obligations but incorporating national best practices and the specific dynamics of the University of Michigan community into our policies, procedures and practices related to sexual and gender-based misconduct. Elizabeth believes that effectively addressing sexual and gender-based misconduct at our university requires a holistic approach incorporating robust prevention efforts, fair and appropriate response to reports of misconduct, and the use of various avenues to remedy the harm of sexual and gender-based misconduct in our community. In order to best serve the university community, Elizabeth welcomes discussion and feedback about the sexual and gender-based misconduct policies and procedures at the University of Michigan.