Rachel Roth Sawatzky (she/her)

PEAR Specialist

Rachel Roth Sawatzky portrait

Rachel Roth Sawatzky is a specialist at Prevention Education, Assistance and Resources (PEAR) within the ECRT Office at the University of Michigan. Rachel takes both a personal and holistic approach in supporting administrators, faculty and staff with a primary concern for community care. She specializes in developing situation specific and/or broader context-relevant strategies to address and prevent sexual and gender-based misconduct. Having held a variety of student affairs roles including director of student programs & orientation and associate dean of students, she has also worked as a university Title IX coordinator. Rachel earned a doctorate in higher education administration from Northeastern University, a masters degree from Emory University, and has studied peacebuilding, trauma healing, and restorative practices at Eastern Mennonite University. Most recently, her research has focused on how organizations address campus sexual misconduct, and how institutional response mechanisms might be augmented to better meet the needs that result. In her spare time Rachel enjoys exercise, architectural design and travel, especially to sunny and sandy locations.